Why People Love That’s So Fetch! Dog Grooming

We offer a complete range of grooming services to keep your pet happy and healthy.

We have excellent dog groomers who are eager to make your pet’s spa experience as stress-free and relaxing as possible. Bathing, brushing out, blow out, nail clipping, a relaxing ear cleaning of your dog, anal expression, a refreshing blueberry facial, a fine trimming around your dog’s face, feet and tail are all included in your dog’s grooming service. We have breed-specific cuts available, or we can make your pet beautiful according to your instructions.

Despite the fact that cats are notorious for being fussy during grooming, we offer grooming services for all our furry friends who require a little extra assistance with their fur coat. A bath, brush out, haircut, and nail trim are all included in your cat’s grooming service.

During your pet’s grooming session, we’ll look for lumps, bumps, fleas, ticks, hair mats, and skin or ear infections, and we’ll let you know if we find anything unusual. We can have our veterinarian examine your pet before you even come to pick them up.

What do we take care of while we bath your pet?

Our groomers will assess your dog’s coat condition and we’ll talk about the best type and length of haircut for him. The great way to maintain your dog clean and comfortable between groom sessions is to give him a comfort cut (legs and body the same length, short sanitary areas, shorter face/beard/ears/feet). As tolerated, nail trims and ear hair removal and cleaning are included in the session. Baths are an option in a few circumstances, which can be determined during the initial consultation before we schedule our appointment.

We’ll set up in a quiet, well-lit area of your home that’s warm enough for your dog and large enough for me to move around him. Our professionals will ask you to lay out a dog-friendly blanket or sheet to work on, preferably spread over a dog bed. Then we will get ready to let them enjoy while we trim your hair! We will take breaks and adjust our priorities as needed during the grooming session to work within your dog’s tolerance level. A point to note here is t hat the key to a safe and comfortable grooming session is flexibility. Older dogs have good days and bad days, and a dog in pain will not tolerate a grooming session well.

Pet Grooming in Montclaire CA

For loving and professional pet grooming in Montclaire, trust in our skilled groomers. Please call now to schedule your pet’s gorgeous new hairdo.

Dog Grooming: Just A Fancy Bath?

You might think that Dog Grooming is just a fancy bath. Allow us to dispel this myth for you! Bathing your pet completes the essential tasks of washing your pet’s coat, trimming nails, and cleaning the ears. While a good bath goes a long way, grooming goes above and beyond to pamper your pet truly. Grooming also provides services that a traditional bath does not. Our groomers will do their job just right, which removes a large amount of fur from the undercoat. Not only will your pet enjoy the deep brushing and massage, but you will notice a significant reduction in the amount of fur your pet will shed.

Grooming also provides specialty shampoos and scents to provide your pet with a one-of-a-kind experience. Nothing beats a day at the spa for you, and your pet is no exception. Your pet will waltz out our doors looking ready for the runway after a day of pampering at our dog grooming facility with highly trained professionals.

To keep your pet happy and healthy, we provide a full range of grooming services. We take the responsibility to keep up to the word of one of the best Dog Grooming facilities in Montclair CA. We not only groom your dogs but also give them the right environment where they can relax and be at peace.

What do we take care of while we bath your pet?

Water Temperature: If the water is too hot or cold, your pet will never want to take a bath again. We carefully test the water before introducing it to your pet. We are proud to say that we are skilled at what we do and do not want your furry friend to be uncomfortably blasted with scolding or freezing water.

Gentle Spray: Dogs and cats are extremely sensitive to unfamiliar environments. Introducing the showerhead to your pet can be a traumatic experience. Using a high-pressure sprayer can scare your pet or cause their skin to become raw or dry. As a result, we make certain that the shower spray is gentle on your pet’s skin and that they can relax and enjoy the experience.


Shampoo Selection: Choosing a high-quality, natural shampoo is critical for your pet’s skin and coat health. Generic brands can irritate your pet’s skin, resulting in discomfort and even allergic breakouts in your cats and dogs. We take full responsibility for selecting the right shampoo, which is gentle and has a powerful cleansing effect.


Soap Application: If the soap is applied incorrectly, it can burn your pet’s eyes or get into their ears, resulting in an ear infection. To avoid causing irritation and dandruff, our experts thoroughly rinse our pet and remove any residual soap.

Drying Methods: It is common for owners not to completely dry their pets because the pet is eager to get out of the bath, but as professionals, we remove as much water as possible from your pet.

Nail Trimming: Trimming your pet’s nails is never a good idea if you don’t have a lot of experience. Bleeding will occur if you cut yourself too short. It will also make them fearful of future trimmings and their owner touching their paws. If your pet suffers from bleeding, they will be in a lot of pain and at risk of getting an infection. Aside from a lack of experience, nail trimmers should be sharp and of good quality in order to ensure a clean and quick cut.


We offer full-service dog grooming at That’s So Fetch! Dog Grooming. Our grooming services are available to both pets who are not boarding with us and pets who are. We make every effort to offer prices that strike a balance between finances and grooming requirements. Learn more about our grooming services or contact us to schedule your next grooming appointment!

Is Professional Grooming Really Required?

Do questions like “Is professional grooming really necessary for your pet, or can you do it yourself?” trouble you too and do you wonder why you need a pet grooming salon like ours? If yes, then this blog is for you.

Grooming by a professional is convenient and saves you time in the long run. Rather than spending an hour bathing, drying, and trimming your dog’s nails, take him for a 30-minute walk and then drop him off at a Dog Salon or Pup Grooming Salon like ours. It will free up your schedule so you can spend more quality time with your pet, or it will give you a break so you can get other things done quickly while you finish up your own chores.

 Professional groomers have the necessary equipment and knowledge to make your pet’s experience much more enjoyable. They can groom your pet properly and keep them calm using grooming tables with leashes, commercial tubs, and professional drying methods. A professional groomer will also be able to recommend different shampoos for your pet, including those that are best for sensitive skin. Professional groomers also provide services for your pet that are likely too difficult to perform at home, such as gland expression, razor cuts, scissor cuts, and blow-drying.

What Should You Expect?

It’s critical to become aware of and educated about your pet’s specific grooming requirements. Grooming is required for both dogs and cats, regardless of how different their needs are. Consider the following factors when establishing a grooming schedule for your pets.

Depending on the type of coat, some fur retains its condition thanks to a pet’s natural oils, while others become dull and dry if left unattended.

Fur length: Longer haired pets will require more frequent grooming or even more frequent cutting.

Level of outdoor activity: A pet that spends more time outside will most likely require a more intensive grooming routine.

Self-grooming: Is your pet reasonably good at keeping himself clean? If not, they may require professional help.